Thursday, September 16, 2010

Start of something NEW......

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Hye there.... First off all I would like to say welcome to my blog. OK to start things, I will tell ya about the world, current issues, sports, anything that im interested in, in my own crappy and imaginative way. The topics today is Raya Aidilfitri, Or in western society they called in Eid...
haha (dont know if thats even true) hehe. Raya is a place for people to gather and have fun and also the most important part is to give forgiveness. Ok have I said its the most Important thing?? I don't quite really agree with the idea of only in hari raya people ask for forgiveness, is that means that all year round we make a mistake or fault, we only can ask forgiveness in EID???
I've heard one conversation like this "Ala, nanti aku minta maaf la kat dye mase raya"
It clearly stated that that guys will ask for forgiveness on hari raya instead of just ask for forgiveness in the near time.

Look at the above picture, the son ask for forgiveness from the mother. This is a raya all about ask, give forgiveness.
BTW this is not me. I only ask for forgiveness from my sister , my uncle, auntie, niece and my nephew, why?? ill tell ya later.

I surely miss asking forgiveness from my parents since they passed away when im in form 4. If only i could reverse the time.
OK, enuff with the sad part. As i were saying, we should not make raya the only time to forgive and forget, 0-0, wtv they call it. I remember a song that is asking a person to forgive him...
BY SUDIRMAN- Salam terakhir
Sampaikan salam buat semua
Salam terakhir salam teristimewa
Kepada kau yang tersayang
Pada teman yang ku kenang
Pemergian ku ini tak dirancang

Usah bertanya mengapa aku
Mengucap salam terakhir kepada mu
Kerna waktu berputaran
Bimbang tak berkesempatan
Melahirkan kerinduan terhadapmu

( korus 1 )
Demi sebuah kenyataan
Yang amat menyakitkan
Aku yang tidak berdaya
Hanya berserah padaNya

( korus 2 )
Salam akhir
Salam yang teristimewa
KepadaNya ku memohon keampunan
MelaluiNya ku beri kemaafan

( ulang korus1, korus2 )

Andainya aku punya waktu
Masih ku ingin mengulangi semula
Saat indah bersama mu
Sayang tak berkesempatan
Abadikan saja salam ku di ingatan

OK that is too much... Well thats what i have said before, my  own crappy and imaginative way. haha I hope u all enjoyed it...


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